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Braunton Burrows

This is a superb site for wildflowers. These general pictures and the images of flowers in FloralImages' main pages (thumbnail links below) I hope speak for themselves. The reserve covers 970 hectares of very varied habitat. It would take a lot of visits to even think you had "done" it. For more detail of this UNESCO Bioshere Reserve visit this website: Braunton Centre.

The book Wild Flowers of Braunton Burrows by Mary Breeds is superb value at 3.50 and the pictures in it, mostly by her husband, the Reserve Warden, are superb.

Not just flowers of course. There is plentiful fauna as well.

Marsh Helleborines made a carpet in many areas this July 2005.

An uncommon tussock form of Common Sedge, Carex nigra var juncea.
Marsh Helleborine Early Marsh-orchid Pyramidal Orchid Adder's-tongue Fragrant Orchid
Wild Pansy Sea Bindweed Knotted Pearlwort Sand Toadflax Sea Stock
Thorn-apple Round-headed Club-rush Yellow Bartsia Branched Bur-reed Adder's-tongue
Marsh Speedwell Bog Pimpernel Brookweed Viper's-bugloss Tall Melilot

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