Floral Images

The Burren, Co Clare, Ireland

The floral habitats

Plants growing in the deep cracks (grikes) and solution hollows in the limestone are the best known characteristic of the area.
Common Scurvygrass Common Bird's-foot-trefoil Mountain Avens Burnet Rose Mountain Everlasting

There are some springs on the hillsides though - and Butterwort grew with Brooklime below this one.
Heath Spotted-orchid Bitter-vetch Bloody Crane's-bill Lousewort Hoary Rock-rose

Gentians grow in the pastures from just above sea level up to the high ground (175 m here).

Thyme and Saxifrage
Mossy Saxifrage Spring Gentian Common Butterwort Brooklime Common Twayblade

Honeysuckle and Holly are just two of many shrubs that occupy the grikes.

Botanically rich meadow with limestone behind.
Irish Saxifrage Water Horsetail Wood Horsetail Marsh Horsetail  

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