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Inkpen Crocus Field Reserve

It wasn't easy to guess the best time to go - in normal years it is mid-February to early march but this year (2006) has seen a very cold January and February. So a sunny Monday with wet conditions predicted for the end of the week six days into March seemed like a reasonable bet.

As it turned out it was a little early for a really spectacular display but there were plenty of the Crocuses blooming - and many signs of the even greater number to come.

The crocus has been naturalized here since at least 1800 we are told and, whatever the provenance, it is good to see it growing naturally and obviously well-suited in environment.

Crocus vernus - Spring Crocus

Many more to come...

Plenty of Mole activity

Crocus vernus   Crocus vernus   Crocus vernus

The best group was in the shelter of a hedge.

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J R Crellin 2006