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Milham Ford Ecology Park

A school playing field sprouts a Bee Orchid. Biology teacher transplants out of harm's way to the edge of the field. Five year's later the Orchids increase (their life cycle is approximately five years). The increase continues and other orchids are found. Eventually the school closes and a local wildlife group ensures that the management of the one-time playing fields will encourage the special flora. Quite a story.

The site has abundant Yellow Rattle and other meadow flowers. the special flora is dependent on some particular local hydrology involving calcium rich water draining from the land higher up the hill.

An Elephant Hawk Moth.

The managed meadow is rich in wild-flowers.
Wild flowers of the UK, Ophrys apifera
Bee Orchid
Common Knapweed Common Spotted-orchid Grass Vetchling Yellow-rattle Quaking-grass

Yellow (or Hay) rattle

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